Case Results

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$9 Billion

Advised on a arbitration clauses, stabilization clauses, and sovereignty of States on foreign forums for arbitration proceedings.
Hard Commodities

$200+ Million

We secured foreign investors sourcing for gold from being scammed their hard earned money.

Data Breach

We have advised on cross-border data breach and liaised with cross-border teams to ensure compliance on Kenya's Data Laws.
White Collar Crime
KES. 500+ Million
We have secured no case to answer rulings from various courts saving Private Clients from the ordeal of criminal proceeding
Data Protection

Image Rights

We secured a ruling to stop transferring a matter from High Court to the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner.
Construction Law

KES. 16 Million

We secured an order from the Arbitrator that the Final Accounts issued by the Architect of a construction renovation project should be reopened.
Tax Refunds

KES. 12 Million

We advised and represented a Client on unrefunded tax that the regulator had held for more than a decade. The Court ordered the regulator to refund.
USD 700,000
We advised a Client on a M&A that it was unfavourable due to certain terms of the earn-out claw back clauses, and offer made based on unfavourable EBIDTA multiple formulas with no regard to industry and region factors.


We have successfuly advised on aircraft engine licensing for involving entities in Comoros and Kenya.l
Search Fund

$20 Million

We advised a Search Fund on its enterprise sourcing for companies in Kenya that generate a gross revenue of $20 Million to $30 Million.


We advised a Client and helped in retaining its contract with a multination through the use a whistleblowing notice rather than demand letters or injunctions when someone tried to steal its project concept.
Corporate Immigration
We have advised and secured permits and passes concerning in complex immigration issues.
Employment Law


We advised and managed redundancy process of a company without resulting in any law suit against the Client.
Digital Assets


We advised more than nine Digital Assets entities based in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Austria, Nigeria, on compliance issues touching on ICO/ITO and wallet and server locations.
Joint Manufacturing

$1 Million

We advised and structured a Joint Venture Deal for mass apparel manufacturing and exited our Client without any liability when one partner breached the JV.
Tax Assessments
KES. 1+ Billion
We advised a Client and engaged the regulator on tax assessment based on our Client business model and distinguishing Client funds, third party funds, and investor capital injection that reduced the tax assessment significantly.