Data and Privacy Law

Lending our expertise

We provide a wide range of data and privacy law services. The enactment of the Data Protection Act of Kenya and establishment of an office of the Data Protection Commissioner has seen development in this sector and our firm has had a vast experience in serving both individual and corporations.

We advised and took part in registration of Kilimall’s Data Controller and Processor Licenses, drafting and formulation of Kilimall’s Data Protection Policy, Data Processing Consent documents, and Ombo Malumbe serves Kilimall as their Data Protection Officer.

We advised Red Dot Distribution Ltd regarding data protection laws across multiple jurisdictions where they have operations, including Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Dubai. Our comprehensive guidance encompassed detailed analysis and interpretation of the legal frameworks in each country, ensuring our client’s compliance with diverse regulatory requirements

We participated and won the famous Machakos University case in 2022 where we secured a significant ruling for our Client on image rights and data protection concerning students’ and graduates’ photographs.

We took part in a case involving Nation Media Group in 2023 where the court established that media houses must only use photos that are consented to which was a win for our client.