Tax & Financial Reporting Litigation

Lending our expertise

We successfully navigated a tax audit initiated by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) against our client going for about KES. 1.4 billion, which we resolved within a swift three-month period through strategic negotiation and clarification of the Client’s business model to KRA. Additionally, we structured international corporate frameworks for tax efficiency, aligning with local laws and OECD guidelines, while managing ongoing tax compliance through monthly filings with KRA.

Furthermore, we specialize in regulatory advisory and structuring for non-profit organizations, ensuring compliance and facilitating tax exemptions, as exemplified in our assistance with the conversion of a Community Based Organisation (CBO) to a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) and the pursuit of a tax exemption certificate.

We structured the international corporate structure of the company to ensure that its operations are favourably tax efficient within the relevant regulatory frameworks such as local laws, and OECD guidelines. The services rendered factored in the business model and future goals of the entity.

We are equally managing the company’s tax compliance through monthly filings with KRA.

We advised, engaged in stakeholder engagement, and represented Red Dot Distribution concerning its tax refunds worth more than KES. 10 million touching on VAT and Drawback Duty collected by KRA in 2009. We successfully represented Red Dot Distribution resulting in the Honourable Court directing KRA to refund Red Dot Distribution its money.

We provide regular stakeholder engagement services to a Confidential Client. This is whereby we seek regulatory or practice-related clarifications from KRA on a no name basis.

We provide regulatory, advisory and structuring of the entity services to ensure that its operations and donations are well captured as a non-profit organisation. We have equally helped it navigate tax issues on its women empowerment program that helps mothers sell their respective hand made products to markets outside Kenya.

We have recently assisted the entity converted from Community Based Organisation (CBO) to a non-profit entity under Companies Act as a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) and we are in the process of seeking the tax exemption certificate.