Hard Commodities Transactions

Lending our expertise

We structured a transaction on purchasing hard commodities through Kenya. Considering the risks concerning small scale gold miners in Kenya experiencing challenges that are caused by fraudulent agents, thus, agents using the actual gold to lure foreign investors and later switch to scam the foreign investors, we reengineered the transaction processes whereby the credit provider provides credit to the financier as the structure in place is solid, hence, no chances of making any loses and considering that the process is full proof on any interception of cargos as heavy reliance is aligned with top notch refinery, logistics and security services – the confidence in the preliminary structures enable the creditor to take risk sharing structure with the originator.

Further, we secured a lucrative sales opportunity for our Client, Crescent Three Sixty Limited, after we structured a formal agreement between the said Client and an Australian-based firm, to effect a copper sales transaction. The Australian-based firm sought to purchase copper with a purity rate of 99.99% within the East African Community, Zambia and South Africa.