Technology Transactions

Lending our expertise

We successfully reviewed a complex distribution agreement for our client, TLT Connected Limited. The agreement outlined the responsibilities of both the buyer and seller concerning marketing, record keeping, reporting, product support, and several other areas. Seeing as the agreement serves both local and international distributors, we ensured our client’s interests are well protected across relevant territories.

We have acted on behalf of Kilimall International Limited, which is an e-commerce platform that contracts with suppliers for sale of goods / products. We have drafted and negotiated contracts that have enabled suppliers of technology goods to sell their goods to a broad customer base, both locally and internationally. Seeing as there are existent regulatory compliance requirements regarding technology, our service to Kilimall has ensured seamless day-to-day operations on matters technology transactions.

We advised Hashting Solutions LTD on its transaction with EABL and Diageo PLC on matters data protection, developed data protection policies and proceeded to apply for its Data Protection license. Our further services include on demand legal services on interdisciplinary issues that touch on the business operations of the company, which is Belgian with a subsidiary in Kenya.