Antitrust & Competition Law

Lending our expertise

We have robust experience in advising and serving both national and multinational corporations on competition and anti-trust law by focusing on compliance, investigations and dispute resolution.

We have advised CID Capital a Search Fund that was keen on securing business opportunities in Kenya through acquisition. The Search Fund was interested in businesses that were making gross revenue of about USD 20 million to USD 30 million per year.

We advised a Confidential Client. We equally assessed the clawback provisions of the intended M&A and advised the Client of the risks of possibly selling the company at a low price was high due to the vagueness of the ear-out terms that had been proposed by the intended acquirer. The transaction value was of about USD 700,000.

We have advised Silc Wave Garage Limited concerning a locked Internet Service Provider (ISP) contract whereby it has been receiving poor services since the commencement of the contract and how the Communications Authority of Kenya, and Competition Authority of Kenya can be of assistance.