Government Permits & Licenses

Lending our expertise

We have provided services in securing licenses/permits for foreign exchange bureau, digital credit provider, payment service provide. Our role includes assessing the suitability of the intended team to ensure that whatever profile presented has a better chance of being approved by the regulator.

We have also offered comprehensive support to various clients by liaising with relevant authorities to secure essential licenses and permits, such as NEMA licenses, food and health permits, advertising and signage licenses, fire and safety licenses, KEBS standardization marks, city council licenses, among others. Our proactive approach and attention to detail enable our clients to navigate regulatory complexities with ease and facilitating smooth market entry, allowing them to focus on their core business objectives with confidence.

We have further acted on behalf of The Biltong Masters Limited on a complex immigration issue with a view of resolving various arising events such as cancellation and red notice/caution effected by having the same removed and the intended staff to secure the much needed paperwork for ease of operation in Kenya.

We act for Top New Knitwear Manufacturing EPZ Kenya LTD (Top New), it is one of the companies in Kenya with presence in Djibouti, Ethiopia and China. In Kenya it has more than 1,000 employees that are unionized, and we have successfully advised on immigration matters and securing paperwork for the employees.