Merger & Acquisition

Lending our expertise

We advised on a Merger & Acquisition (M&A) transaction between our Client (target) and Intended Acquirer (US based entity), whereby Intended Acquirer had provided an offer to purchase the Target. We sought to ensure that the Client undergoes smooth acquisition process while ensuring the interests of the target and its shareholders are favourably addressed and covered. Our assessment of the offer concluded that the intended exiting shareholders were standing at a risk of losing full earnings and resulting in selling their company at a lower rate due to the earnout scheme that was in place.

We also offered advisory services to a Search Fund that was interested in acquiring entities that had a gross revenue of about USD 20 million to USD 30 million dollars a year. The process included conducting external and internal due diligence to establish a clear perspective of the entity and whether it is suitable to the Search Fund’s needs.

Generally, our firm adheres to a client-centric approach, prioritizing the development of customized solutions for each merger. We are conscious that every transaction has unique objectives as well as challenges. Our approach tailors a merger strategy that aligns seamlessly with your long-term vision and effectively addresses your requirements.