Aerospace & Aviation Law

Lending our expertise

We have a broad range of practical experience in advisory and transactional aspects touching on aerospace and aviation law. In Kenya, aerospace and aviation law extends to operations and licensing of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drones) that are either imported for local use or requiring limited use in Kenya prior to the user leaving with it to another country or country of origin.

We advised on an engine operating lease agreement among the Aviation Industries Limited, LAP Aviation Limited, and Int’ Air Iles Comoros concerning a Walter/GE Aircraft Engine M601, including the time-controlled parts (rotatable items) that make the functionality and operation of the engine a complete piece. This was an hourly lease engine operating agreement with a need for clearer disclosure of various serial numbers due to the general continued maintenance of the engine and helps in sourcing of parts.

We advised on and prepared commission-based agreement between Aviation Industries Limited and LAP Aviation Limited to ease the business development relationship between the two entities.

We advised Coastal Aero & Marine Services LTD concerning its Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Bush Air Safaris LTD whereby it could secure various aircrafts whether for a short-term, or long-term basis as long as the aircraft is registered under Bush Air Safaris Limited, which included their 5Y-BMZ.

We advised and represented Westwind Aviation Limited concerning its dispute with Kenya Revenue Authority’s Customs & Port Operations over shipped and auctioned aircraft parts and special tools that were being held contrary to the transactional auction process of the aircraft parts and clearances secured from Kenya Civil Aviation Authority.