Banking & Financial Services

Lending our expertise

We offer various services and support to banks and financial institutions by assisting them in risk management by offering compliance support, due diligence and document authentication. We also represent them in instances where they sue in debt collection suits, fraud cases, customer disputes and IP ,and defend them in class action suits, accidents where they are only financiers and not beneficial owners or possessors among others.

We advise and represent Access Bank (Kenya) Plc in instituting suits and defending the bank, drafting and perfection of securities, conducting due diligence on customers, conduct research and provide legal opinions on complex matters and draft contracts such as guarantees and indemnities, commercial benefit agreements among others.

We advise and represent Uni Limited in the application for a financial services provider where we have advised on the necessary registration requirements and compliance measures.

We advise and represent a Confidential Client (Startup) in the set up of a small e-money issuer including seeking of name and brand name approvals, drafting of the required documents and advisory on steps and procedures into licensing.