Debt Collection & Asset Recovery

Lending our expertise

We offer debt collection and recovery services within the jurisdiction through assessment of debt and development and negotiation of appropriate debt recovery strategies based on the nature of debt and the debtor’s financial situation with an aim of maximizing recovery while minimizing legal and financial risks.

We advise and represent Red Dot Distribution Limited on matters employment such as drafting of their employment contract, workplace policies and representation at the Labour Offices. We represented Red Dot at the Labour Offices where our client had been reported by a former employee for not renewing her employment contract. Our argument was that the contract was fixed-terms and the employment agreement provided that our client would renew the contract at its discretion and in this case, our client did not wish to renew the contract. It equally gave notice to the employee of that intention.  We equally help the Client access legal services in other countries where it has operations or retailers that source from it the technological equipment or solutions that it has as a principal distributor for various major brands such as Logitech, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Lenovo, EPSON, Samsung, among others.

We have represented Elab Chemicals Limited in debt collection suit where our client was awarded the unpaid contractual sum, interest and cost of the suit all amounting to around KES. 2.5 Million.