White Collar Crime

Lending our expertise

We secured a favourable outcome for our client in an abuse of office case. The prosecution alleged that several county officials improperly conferred benefits on a fuel supplier. Our argument focused on demonstrating that the named accused did not play a single role in selecting the supplier and that all payments were made following established procedures. We further presented witness statements and proof of payments to establish that the accused acted in the ordinary course of their duties and did not use their positions for personal gain. Moreover, we successfully challenged the prosecution’s claim that the accused were aware of a potential conflict of interest, arguing that they never received the relevant declaration. By thoroughly dissecting the prosecution’s argument as well as predicting the different angles they could have used, we were able to convince the court that the charges were unfounded.

He has also dealt with Economic Crimes cases, where he obtained a “no case to answer” decision from the Court in favor of a client he was representing. The client had been falsely accused by people at the Nairobi County Government’s offices of orchestrating a plan that resulted in taking a file concerning a dispute between the government and Proland Limited, involving payments of KES 131,210,423.12/=.