Construction Law

Lending our expertise

In the vast field of real estate and property law comes with it the aspect of construction law. Our firm recognises the pivotal role played by key stakeholders in this sector and our aim is to provide legal services to property owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, suppliers and distributors among other.

We advise property owners or purchasers on the status of the construction projects they intend to invest on by conducting due diligence on the construction and environmental licenses and approvals by the government bodies. This has helped some clients avoid dubious projects that would end up costing them a fortune should they have invested.

We advise developers on compliance with the relevant laws such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards, environmental, employment and financing matters that are crucial in this field.

We advise, review, and negotiate agreements between parties including contractor agreements, sub-contractor agreements, joint venture agreements, project management agreements, supplier agreements among others.