Alternative Dispute Resolution

Lending our expertise

Our team comprises of certified mediators, arbitrators and avid negotiators, a great combination when it comes to alternative dispute resolution. We believe in promoting the spirit of business by advocating for harmonious dispute resolution practices that sees parties continue with their business engagements or part ways amicably.

We advised and represented a Confidential Client on an arbitration matter worth more than KES. 120 million concerning a procurement process that had no clear procedures more so on how the process was flipped during the completion stages upon issuance of final negotiated rates.

We advised a Confidential Client concerning the application of Arbitration Clause towards a Sovereign Government and a Private Investor with a forum limited to a Western Country and whether it affects the ideology of Sovereignty of a Government. The contract being signed was a Public Private Partnership Agreement on natural resources worth plus investment more than USD 9 billion.

We advised and represented a Private Client in an arbitration matter whereby the Private Client’s property was poorly renovated resulting in a dispute with the contractor. The preliminary order secured in favor of the Client was the reopening of the Final Accounts that had been prepared and approved by the Architect of the renovation project. The renovation project was for a property worth more than KES. 68 million and the total budget for renovation was about KES. 16 million.