Insurance Law

Lending our expertise

We act on various insurance matters that include premium disputes and also we provide Trident Insurance Company Limited with on-demand services as follows:

  • we advise our Client on the most cost-effective path to settle disputes arising from insurance claims. This may involve early intervention through legal opinions on whether a matter should go to trial or be settled;
  • We handle follow-ups with our Client’s internal counsel to ensure they have all the necessary documents for a strong case, such as investigation reports, claim forms, and medical reports;
  • drafting of a witness statement when the statement under claim form seems insufficient to address the Client’s interests;
  • court representation on primary and declaratory suits;
  • negotiating on liability to favourable rates depending on the injury suffered by the third-party;
  • where a settlement of the amount is impossible between parties, we focus on settlement on liability; and
  • generating monthly reports on the tasks handled or alternatively, the Client downloads it from our Client portal.

By partnering with us, we offer access to a dedicated legal team committed to achieving the best possible outcome for each case.