Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity

Ong’anya Ombo Advocates LLP aims to develop a sustainable working environment that appreciates diverse, equitable, and inclusive working practices. We believe that such an environment enhances a better life experience at a social, private, and professional level. Furthermore, cultivating such a culture will also help nurture a generation that shares the same values and extend them to others at the social, private, and professional levels.


Ong’anya Ombo Advocates LLP deliberately enhances the need to appreciate and promote diversity throughout the firm and emphasizes equal opportunity and success regardless of a person’s background and identity. These aspects are also valuable to our Clients, considering they are all from diverse backgrounds.

Recruitment & Hiring

Our Law Firm accepts applications from individuals with diverse backgrounds, and we certainly accommodate the various factors to the extent that the same is attuned to our work ethics and standards. We recruit diverse candidates by seeking out diverse applicant slates from multiple sources. We retain various candidates by fostering a culture of equity and inclusiveness. We work closely with our clients to create diverse teams for client matters.

Retention & Workplace Inclusiveness

We are alive to the need for consistency as it requires providing a suitable workplace experience that gives the team a better chance of continuing to be with us. Our overall view is that consistency equally gives the clients confidence in the team they are working with on various assignments.

We facilitate our internal lawyer’s growth through sharing relevant experiences on addressing their personal growth, career strategies, taking responsibility and being accountable, proactiveness, and sharing workplace expectations.

We have structured our team in two alternative work arrangements whereby some are primarily internal (reporting to the office) and others are external (remotely). There are instances where our firm negotiates with the lawyers on personal needs.

Professional Development & Advancement

Our firm is keen on consistency and talent acquisition, which leads to a better experience for all team members. The growth through the career is essential, including mentoring, performance reviews, paying for lawyers’ CPD, paying for lawyers practicing certificates, and taking leadership roles on various assignments or projects to enhance leadership roles or learn more about engaging colleagues and third parties.

Participation & Support Affinity Groups

The Law Society of Kenya regulates our firm, and our lawyers are equally members of the Law Society of Kenya and East Africa Law Society. Our team is encouraged to participate in various activities by the Societies, which enhances interaction with members of the profession practicing in different sectors either in law firms and in-house at the local or cross-border level.

Also, our firm is a member of the America Chambers of Commerce – KE Chapter and ALFA International – the Global Legal Network, and our team members are equally spread across all the entities, whereby one gets a chance to learn various factors whether about law or not and also network with both lawyers and non-lawyers.